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Welcome to my site dedicated to SEO and internet marketing services, plus strategy advice fore-commerce and Social networks. If you want to see how I can help you as SEO expert living in Montreal, please watch my video: SEO Consultant.

With an engineering background and armed with 20 years of experience in products & services field, I developed a real expertise in SEO through a mastery in e-commerce and technology and marketing course that can be summarized as follows:

  1. Internet strategist Senior in CGI, e-Business group Montreal,
  2. Senior SEO Strategist organic search within Mediative Montreal (Yellow Pages Group company),
  3. Independent SEO Consultant since 2013 at Mozalami Montreal.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM for Search Engine Marketing. This means that you will find on this website services and resources needed for both SEO and marketing on search engines such as Google and Bing.

I worked on major accounts with annual budgets in excess of $ 100K but also on SME accounts with monthly budgets under $ 1K!

For some SEO consulting references in Canada and abroad, please use the contact form.

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SEO introduction

SEO, the optimized solution for your visibility. When properly constructed, SEO is the only true referencing that offers an optimized visibility without budget surprises. SEO happens in two different steps (engineering & monitoring) in which technology and marketing must cohabit in order to obtain results that cause the biggest impact. SEO offers a natural institutional notoriety to your site within the search engines.

How to have success in SEO? The basic step of SEO starts with an analysis of the technical performance of the website taking into account the recommendations of the search engines such as Google and Bing. If your site is eligible for good indexing by search engines, we have to adapt the content to the audience and give it sufficient reputation to compete with competitors’websites. That is why we speak of action on-site, and off-site. The choice of target keywords is a critical step in your strategy, so it must be entrusted to a true expert in the SEO field.

Search engines don’t all work in the same way when it comes to SEO. These bots have algorithms all different from another, which run the internet immensity in order to propose the answer for a research by relevance order. Consequently, one should constantly observe the functioning of a search engine in order to elaborate the website contents and the pertinent programing codes, without ever trying to “cheat” the searching engines through abusive SEO methods, under the risk of being definitely excluded from the web! The guides (evolutionary) for searching tools about SEO must be scrupulously followed.

SEO: anticipating the evolutions
To make the task harder, SEO algorithms of search engines change regularly. So, we must keep a technological monitoring of every instant so that we are not surprised and in order to eventually change key elements of the website!! By constantly doing the technological monitoring, I observe every day the behavior of different search engines to grant that your SEO is durable.

Until now, none of my clients went to the “black list” (excluding the natural results of searching engines), or hit by major Google penalties (Panda, Penguin).


In my long experience of the web, I realized several projects, including business analysis for small and large companies’ websites, designed and produced institutional websites and transactional, but I soon realized that the return on investment, ROI for measuring the success of an Internet project, was more important when an SEO campaign was planned along with the development of the website or its redesign. So I dived deeply in SEO, also known as organic search optimization, which is the surest way to drive traffic. It has a major advantage compared to traditional marketing techniques: Its price.

SEO is not free but it is affordable!

From there was born a passion for SEO, whether through natural SEO and positioning sites on keywords (keyword phrases) defined by acting directly on the site (On-Site) but also through popularization campaigns of the website (Off-Site) conducting Netlinking strategies (Link building) and optimizing social profiles to be relevant to the 3 graphs that Google uses for its rankings:

  • Knowledge Graph: Google automatically extracted knowledge base of online content via its algorithm.
  • Link graph: the links scheme that Google found by browsing the web.
  • Social graph: social interconnections that come to consolidate the search engine information.

You can learn about these concepts by browsing the Mozalami blog (French only) dedicated to SEO in Montreal.

Here in Montreal I focus on my SEO expertise that I bring to you via consulting mandates in the field of organic search (SEO strategy), while having a strong expertise in e-commerce that I have studied in my Master at HEC – UDEM in Montreal.

HEC MontréalUDEM Montréal


To understand the various terms used on this website referring to the marketing strategy, please go to the dedicated page: Strategic Planning in e-marketing.

SEO SEM SMO Stratégie de référencement optimal

Finally, it costs you nothing to contact me for a free consultation regarding my SEO services by using the contact form.


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