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SEO Consultant Expert in Montreal

By Mohammed ALAMI | 4 August 2016 | 0 Comment

Hi hello, I’m an SEO Consultant Expert living in Montreal – Canada (search engine optimization), graduated from University of Montreal and HEC with a Master of E-Commerce. I’m passionate about internet marketing SEO / SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO / SMM (social media optimization & marketing). My skills cover also web analytics tools such like Google Analytics and Xiti. My Speciality is Google.

Formerly, I’ve worked as Senior SEO Consultant Strategist at Mediative (a Yellow Pages Group Company in Montreal) year 2012; and as internet strategy consultant at CGI year 2011.

SEO Consultant in Montreal

Currently I am freelance SEO consultant in Montreal – Canada. The main areas where I can help you can be summarized in five categories:

  1. Site Audit: this will provide you a comprehensive and actionable SEO audit report which focuses on site Health (technical issues), Onsite Content, and Offsite signals (link profile and social metrics). A prioritized actions list is delivered to facilitate implementation.
  2. Competitive benchmark: focusing on main competitors online success strategies, this will provide you additional insight and suggested action items that can benefit to the overall e-Marketing roadmap. The analysis highlights your digital effectiveness against your main competitors, covering following areas: Web experience, Conversion path, Mobile, Organic Search, Paid search, Digital assets, User content, Social media.
  3. SEO strategy: Depending on your performance and your competitors’ tactics, I’ll find SEO opportunities to make recommendation for an SEO roadmap which will benefit to the overall e-marketing plan. The prioritized list includes quick win items first and takes in consideration your KPIs (Key Performance indictors).
  4. SEO Implementation follow-up: whether I made the recommendation or you have your own roadmap, implementation status is critical for organic improvement success. I go through your action plan and validate every tactic if implemented, and if not I will provide documented guidelines to do so.
  5. Link profile analysis: Google policies changed in order to better explain how it may view links built for your website. Penguin and lot of changes in the algorithm may impact your website negatively. In order to avoid organic traffic loss, I conduct a deep analysis of your links and benchmark to your competitors’ ones. This will provide a concrete plan to clean your backlinks and gives you strategy to acquire new ones.

Cost of your SEO expert in Montreal

Honestly, I would like to answer the question of the cost of your SEO Expert in 2 words but it will take me 2 to 3 sentences. It all depends on the scope of the project and its scale. The first factor to consider is the one shot versus ongoing approach. Indeed, as an SEO expert, I do not like ending up with link cleaning only for example.

Then, it will depend on the scope of your SEO project: is it feasible within 6 months or a year versus a strategy that can take only 3 months or less as local SEO. To do it right, it is better to define the scope, the approach then the timing in order to grasp all the aspects of the costs of your project. But as an SEO consultant, I developed a quantification methodology according to your challenges and your ambitions.

At the end of the day, we agree on an ongoing bank of hours or in one shot deal and the price varies very little from one project to another. Let’s say that a training mandate is more expensive by the hour versus an hour of SEO strategy …

Do not hesitate to contact me if I can help as SEO Consultant.

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Mohammed ALAMI

Je m’appelle Mohammed ALAMI. Je suis expert SEO et consultant en Stratégie Internet dans les domaines du référencement et marketing SEM/SMM. Je suis basé à Montréal, au Québec – Canada. Vous pouvez aussi connecter via Twitter.