Mozalami by Mohammed ALAMI

SEO Consultant Montreal


SEO Consultant Montreal

Mozalami by Mohammed ALAMI

About ME

My name is Mohammed ALAMI: With an engineering background and armed with 20 years of experience in products and services field, I developed a real expertise in SEO through a mastery in e-commerce at HEC Montreal and technology/marketing course which is summarized on my LinkedIn profile.

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It all starts with a strategy and an overview of your project to maximize the acquisition of new customers.


Any project needs to be well executed to give the full benefits, whether at the technical or content level.


It is very important that you have a complete view of your SEO performance on a regular basis.
I design SEO roadmaps that deliver results and make your life easier.

What I do

After agreement, we fill out a client questionnaire that gives me an image of your SEO history to build a strategy that respects your needs.

How I do it

It is normal to want to improve your SEO and overtake competitors in the search results when the request relates to a product or service offered by the company. SEO is critically important to any digital marketer. Below my methodology without going into technical details:


In any strategy, before putting a road map in place you must know the precise place where you are. So, to talk about improvement it takes us first a state of the art in terms of SEO performance and ideally a Benchmark versus 3 or 4 competitors.

SEO audit

This step is crucial because before talking about improving your SEO you must be sure to remove the blockers from technical or content aspects. This audit is necessary to ensure that you have a good basis for developing your SEO strategy.


Strategy is a war term for a set of coordinated actions, skillful operations, maneuvers to achieve a specific goal (according to Wikipedia). The roadmap incorporates all these tactics and gives the order of execution to maximize the impact of the strategy.


The strategy comes with recommendations to grow your organic traffic (preferably non-brand). They must be carried minutely to guarantee the expected results.


In most cases, a monthly follow-up summarized in the form of a quarterly presentation will do the job. Indeed, it is rare to see immediate results when it comes to SEO tactics.

What Clients Say ?

  • What is SEO
    What is SEO
  • SEO WordPress
    SEO WordPress
  • SEO consultant def
    SEO consultant def
  • How it work
    How it work

What is SEO

What is SEO? SEO (for Search engine Optimization) is the practice of properly referencing a site on search engines. A site that has good SEO will be awarded the ...
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SEO WordPress

What is SEO WordPress? WordPress SEO is simply the act of making your WordPress site more user-friendly for search engines like Google in order to improve its ranking when ...
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SEO consultant def

Role of SEO consultant An SEO consultant comes with a methodology and a way of working while respecting the fundamental instructions of search engines. He has a global vision ...
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How it work

How does SEO work? First of all we must determine the bases for a good referencing: Technical foundation eliminating all blockers – Powerful content optimized for keywords – Inbound ...
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Get in Touch
Message me a few lines about your project and your ambitions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    My contact details

    SEO Consulting Services

    • SEO Montreal

      Welcome to my site dedicated to SEO consulting services in Montreal, one of the most active American cities. SEO in Montreal is done in 2 languages French and English!

    • SEO Consultant

      SEO Consultant - Introduction

      Hi hello, I’m a freelance SEO Consultant living in Montreal – Canada (search engine optimization), graduated from University of Montreal and HEC with a Master of E-Commerce.
      As an SEO consultant in Canada, I act upstream of projects and accompany you to train you on the techniques necessary for any SEO implementation such as keyword research and content alignment.
      My skills cover also web analytics tools such like Google Analytics and SEO campaign monitoring tools such as MOZ. My Specialty is Google.
      Formerly, I’ve worked as Senior advisor SEO at Desjardins Insurance, Senior SEO Consultant Strategist at Mediative (a Yellow Pages Group Company in Montreal), and as internet strategy consultant at CGI year 2011.

      SEO Consultant in Montreal

      Currently I am independent SEO consultant in Montreal – Canada. Here under, for example, 5 main areas where I can help you:

      1. Site Audit: this will provide you a comprehensive and actionable SEO audit report which focuses on site Health (technical issues), Onsite Content, and Offsite signals (link profile and social metrics). A prioritized actions list is delivered to facilitate implementation.
      2. Competitive benchmark: focusing on main competitors online success strategies, this will provide you additional insight and suggested action items that can benefit to the overall e-Marketing roadmap. The analysis highlights your digital effectiveness against your main competitors, covering following areas: SEO, PPC and Display.
      3. SEO strategy: Depending on your performance and your competitors’ tactics, I’ll find SEO opportunities to make recommendation for an SEO roadmap which will benefit to the overall e-marketing plan. The prioritized list includes quick win items first and takes in consideration your KPIs (Key Performance indictors).
      4. SEO Implementation follow-up: whether I made the recommendation, or you have your own roadmap, implementation status is critical for organic improvement success. I go through your action plan and validate every tactic if implemented, and if not, I will provide documented guidelines to do so.
      5. Link profile analysis: Google policies changed in order to better explain how it may view links built for your website. Penguin, E-A-T and lot of changes in the algorithm may impact your website negatively. In order to avoid organic traffic loss, I conduct a deep analysis of your links and benchmark to your competitors’ ones. This will provide a concrete plan to clean your backlinks and gives you strategy to acquire new ones.

      So do not hesitate to reach out to your Google SEO consultant based in Montreal for your projects in Canada or elsewhere in the world.

    • SEO Expert

      SEO Expert – Definition

      The SEO expert has several hats. Organized, rigorous and passionate about the digital professions, he has an overall vision of the marketing mix before prioritizing SEO in his arsenal. He or She works of course to improve the SEO of your website and increases the performance of it ...
      To achieve this, the Google SEO expert for example uses his or her technical knowledge but also the media coverage that is done on Google's algorithms in this case. As far as I'm concerned, I regularly monitor the health of the site and monitor the rankings on the search engines, in order to demonstrate the ROI of your SEO expert.

      Cost of you Montreal SEO Expert

      Honestly, I would like to answer the question of the cost of your SEO Expert in Montreal in 2 words but it will take me 2 to 3 sentences. It all depends on the scope of the project and its scale. The first factor to consider is the one shot versus ongoing approach. Indeed, as an SEO expert, I do not like ending up with link cleaning only for example.
      Then, it will depend on the scope of your SEO project is it feasible within 6 months or a year versus a strategy that can take only 3 months or less as local SEO. To do it right, it is better to define the scope, the approach then the timing in order to grasp all the aspects of the costs of your project. But as a Google SEO expert Montreal, I developed a quantification methodology according to your challenges and your ambitions.
      At the end of the day, we agree on an ongoing bank of hours or in one shot deal and the price varies very little from one project to another. Let’s say that a SEO training mandate is more expensive versus an hour of SEO strategy 

    • SEO Specialist

      Mohammed ALAMI SEO Specialist

      Mohammed ALAMI is a specialist SEO Expert and Freelance Consultant in his own right, an entrepreneur, an engineer, and Master E-Commerce professional.
      Mohammed was born in Morocco. He moved to France for further studies and 2009, he immigrated to Canada to complete his master’s degree in E-Commerce at the University of Montreal. Mohammed is an Engineer by training with over 20 years’ experience in production, trade and services but later make the switch from Engineering to Marketing (Master e-commerce). He is a passionate business oriented professional with practical approach to solving the various business challenges.
      Mohammed has also created several presentations at the University of Montreal about SEO and WEB 3.0 which are published also on YouTube and Slideshare.
      Mohammed is at the moment a Freelance Seo consultant. He conducts SEO site audits; technical, organic and offsite together with SEO strategies in order to identify SEoopportunities and produce Roadmap for SEo detailed tactics. His professional expertise has allowed him several managerial positions working as SEO specialist in the Montreal area.

      SEO training in Montreal

      To carry out all your SEO projects, current and future, your organic SEO team can use Mohammed ALAMI services for Montreal SEO training or elsewhere. Your team needs a constant updating of their knowledge and be trained on the latest techniques of natural traffic acquisition via search engines such as Google and Bing.
      Mohammed ALAMI has an approval certificate issued by the Quebec government as a Certified SEO trainer in the fields of communication and documentation. This can benefit you if you are eligible for programs funded by the government.

      Ecommerce SEO (E-commerce websites)

      The success of selling websites depends largely on a good SEO for search engines like Google and Bing. Why? Because the traffic created by searches generates more prospects and the best conversion rates. Then why do without!
      Website planning
      Once you have chosen your keywords, you should start the website planning.
      Advice: make a preliminary sketch of your website, then determine where your keywords will be positioned on the map of the website. That’s what we call the architecture of the information, the basis of e-commerce SEO.
      The external aspect of your website generally shows the plan of your website. You will notice that the keywords you chose usually belong to some sections of your website plan. You could allow distinct pages for specific keywords, even though you can in theory optimize a single page for several keywords. One part of your planning will be to understand how to write for the web. However, the most secure way is to delegate this task to an E-commerce SEO expert.
      Hire an SEO for E-commerce professional
      Mohammed ALAMI’s services as a SEO specialist may increase the success of your business by optimizing the e-Commerce website that you have to manage. I offer hours of consulting in SEO.