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With an engineering background and armed with 20 years of experience in products & services field, I developed a real expertise in SEO through a mastery in e-commerce at HEC and technology/marketing course which is summarized on my LinkedIn profile.

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  • NameMohammed ALAMI
  • Birth1965
  • Emailmozalami@gmail.com
  • Mobile+1 514 360 3301
  • FamilyMarried, 1 child
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Search Engine optimization
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Social Media Optimization
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SEO Consulting Services

Welcome to my site dedicated to SEO consulting services. I’m part of the SEO consultants that follow best practices and monitor Google's algorithm updates to adapt their strategies.

Montreal SEO Consultant Freelance: Mandates

Mohammed ALAMI SEO ConsultantCurrently I am independent SEO consultant in Montreal. Here under, for example, 5 areas where I can help you:
- Site Audit: comprehensive and actionable SEO audit with prioritized actions list.
- Competitive benchmark: Analysis of your digital effectiveness against your main competitors.
- SEO strategy: SEO roadmap with prioritized task list.
- SEO Implementation follow-up: Provide documented guidelines and validate every tactic implemented.
- Link profile analysis: Backlink profile, analysis, and expansion of portfolio (Link Building).

But also: keyword research, content marketing, local SEO ...

Freelance SEO Expert: Contract

As an SEO expert, I work of course to improve the SEO performance of your website and increase its efficiency ...
For this aim, I need an overview of your online activities. A PR campaign will influence SEO performance for instance.

Therefore, it is recommended to be accompanied by a freelance SEO expert throughout the year.

SEO Specialist: Training

To successfully complete all your SEO projects, your organic SEO team can use my services as SEO specialist since12 years in the industry for training.

My Experience

Previous experiences that enabled me to become who i am today


MOZALAMI SEO Consultant Expert

I help SMBs and large companies to grow their organic traffic.

2019 - 2020


Elaborate innovative SEO strategies, Implement Tactics and achieve Goals in terms of Traffic and Conversions.

2018 - 2019


Responsible for a dozen websites of the company, I developed SEO strategies and followed up their execution at the level of technical implementation and content production.

2014 - 2017

Mozalami SEO Consultant

I help SMBs and large companies to grow their organic traffic.

2012 - 2013

MEDIATIVE Senior Organic Search Strategist

Responsible for developing SEO strategies and ensure results for Mediative clients. In collaboration with project managers, I was responsible for the overall implementation.

2011 - 2012

Mozalami SEO Consultant

I help SMBs and large companies to grow their organic traffic.

2010 - 2011

CGI – MONTRÉAL Consultant Information Systems

- Strategic Planning for new sites launchs in Canada and USA - CGI corporate. - SEO strategies for Canadian websites after Analysis and assessmnets.

Happy Clients


Project Complete


Site Audits


SEO Benchmarks



It is normal to want to improve your SEO and overtake competitors in the search results when the request relates to a product or service offered by the company. SEO is critically important to any digital marketer. Below my methodology:


In any strategy, before putting a road map in place you must know the precise place where you are. So, to talk about improvement it takes us first a state of the art in terms of SEO performance and ideally a Benchmark versus 2 or 3 competitors.

SEO audit

This step is crucial because before talking about improving your SEO you must be sure to remove the blockers from technical or content aspects. This audit is necessary to ensure that you have a good basis for developing your SEO strategy.


Strategy is a war term for a set of coordinated actions, skillful operations, maneuvers to achieve a specific goal (according to Wikipedia). The roadmap incorporates all these tactics and gives the order of execution to maximize the impact of the strategy.


The strategy comes with recommendations to grow your organic traffic (preferably non-brand). They must be carried minutely to guarantee the expected results.


In most cases, a monthly follow-up summarized in the form of a quarterly presentation will do the trick. It's rare to see immediate results when it comes to SEO tactics so weekly reporting will be occasional.

my References

Here are some of the clients I have had the opportunity to work with in the past as a freelance consultant or internal worker.

Bravo Telecom Bravo Telecom

Stingray Stingray

Desjardins assurance Desjardins assurance

Bell Bell

Pages Jaunes Pages Jaunes





Mohammed is part of the best people i had chance to work with in my career. Mohammed is very professional and very talented. Mohammed perfectly embodies the SEO strategy and consulting area. Mohammed and is an asset to any team or any project.

Yan Desjardins - Chief Marketing Officer - Pyramidestal

Mohammed is an extremely competent Digital marketer and SEO expert. I had the chance to work with him on various projects in the past and he has been a fantastic colleague and collaborator. His expertise has help reached significant & positive results.

Nathalie Bénard - Sr Advisor - Desjardins General Insurance Gr

Mohammed helped us a lot to improve our SEO presence and took the time to teach us how to do it on our own afterwards. I would be happy to work with him again.

Justine Perron-Mongeau - Head of Digital Marketing - Stingray

I am very happy of the SEO services & recommendations provided by Mohammed. He understand the pillars of SEO and was able to understand our constraints and adapt to our situation.

Manon Lepine Directeur - Ciblage en ligne - Bell

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Mohammed will truly appreciate all what he is able to do to help them both succeed. Through the years, we worked on various projects and I was impressed by his SEO expertise and his manner of doing business. Hardworking, intelligent and helpful, he has come a long way and is sure to achieve greater heights. High energetic out-of-the-box thinker. Mohammed is one of the most professional people one can come across with.

Mo. Kahlain Co-Founder - Head of products and Business Strategy - M32 Connect

my Faq

What is SEO?

SEO (for Search engine Optimization) is the practice of properly referencing a site on search engines. A site that has good SEO will be awarded the top places in organic results when the search is for a keyword related to the site or business.

Why invest in SEO?

SEO traffic has been shown to outperform other types of traffic when it comes to lead generation. You must invest in SEO because it is the best conversion channel that your business could have online. Although it is difficult and the path is strewn with pitfalls, you must ignore obstacles and start to do so as soon as possible because time is against you.

Why an SEO Audit?

SEO auditing is the tactic that attacks the technical and content foundations of the website to assess its performance from an SEO perspective. Whether done internally or externally, the SEO audit has the merit of giving the essential bases for performance comparison before and after fixing problems.

What is SEO WordPress?

WordPress SEO is simply the act of making your WordPress site more user-friendly for search engines like Google in order to improve its ranking when the search relates to keywords pertinent to your business.

Role of SEO consultant

An SEO consultant comes with a methodology and a way of working while respecting the fundamental instructions of search engines. He has a global vision of your site and its performance in engines, which allows him to keep an eye on improvements such as unpleasant surprises. He acts mainly as the architect of your solution for better organic visibility in search results.

How does SEO work?

First of all we must determine the bases for a good referencing: Technical foundation eliminating all blockers - Powerful content optimized for keywords - Inbound links popularizing website pages - Social signals consistent with on page and off page signals. We start with the foundations and continue with the content and the influence.