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E-Commerce SEO

By Mohammed ALAMI | 3 August 2016 | 0 Comment

SEO for ecommerce

E-commerce SEO: Online businesses that succeed…

The success of selling websites depends largely on a good SEO for search engines like Google and Bing. Why? Because the traffic created by searches generates more prospects and the best conversion rates. Then why do without!

SEO for ecommerce

Choosing a domain name

Many people trying to imagine a domain name for their business find out how a unique idea can be so common. Welcome to the web!

Trying to find a free domain name looks like a classic game consisting of looking for a needle in a haystack.

You can overcome the issue by making searches by keywords first.

If you know what people are using in their search terms to find your products and services, you can group them in a domain name that will fit their queries. And it’s just the beginning of the understanding of how to make an online idea viable.

E-commerce: execution is what turns an idea into a business.

Execution is a matter of procedure. I mean the process in the literal sense. A prosper company needs a business plan. No successful company has succeeded with a magic wand and many online businesses have succeeded after several failures, mistakes and sometimes costly adventures. But eventually, a prosper business would find a formula, a process that will allow it to offer products fitting in a strategy adapted to its clients.

There is a huge number of people willing to start a new e-commerce business for many reasons. Most of them have good ideas and a good general knowledge of their area. But very few can implement their ideas online.

There are two paths to take according to the current experiences. The first one is to “jump in”. The second one is to find a process that will work for your company. Even if you have to pay more money at first with the second option, you will save time and money and avoid headaches until your business starts to generate profits. If you take the first path, you may never succeed! According to safe estimations, 70% of the new e-commerce websites fail.

However, the development process of your online business is easy enough to execute if you have a few indications. Here are a few base points that you will have to learn more about and to understand before running an e-commerce business.

Keywords research

Keywords research is the equivalent of market research. People who skip this step, breaking the planning process, ruin their ability to succeed! There is a lot of free resources and tools on the Internet to not only guide you in your research, but also sensitize you about what you should be searching for.

For example, if you choose the most general term of search for your category matching one of the activities on which you can focus, you could run straight into the wall! The fact is simple: there could be a lot of searches made on this keyword BUT you could never appear in the search engines for this one because the SEO would be harder to achieve! The process of keyword choosing is the subject of some other articles on SEO that you can find on my blog; it’s a crucial step.

Website planning

Once you have chosen your keywords, you should start the website planning.

Advice: make a preliminary sketch of your website, then determine where your keywords will be positioned on the map of the website. That’s what we call the architecture of the information, the basis of SEO in e-commerce.

The external aspect of your website generally shows the plan of your website. You will notice that the keywords you chose usually belong to some sections of your website plan. You could allow distinct pages for specific keywords, even though you can in theory optimize a single page for several keywords. One part of your planning will be to understand how to write for the web. An article must have 500 to 700 words on average, appropriate images, and you must apply the basic on-page SEO recommendations. Here again, we want go any further on this technique described in some other articles of the blog. However, the most secure way is to delegate this task to an SEO expert.

Get out of your box

Your keywords define a set of articles to write. You are not supposed to include all of these articles are not supposed in your website, especially if you don’t a blog or news section on your e-commerce. You must be ready to write articles for the distribution as well as to help promote your website and building an incoming links strategy. “Link Building”. Blog articles are one of the most efficient ways to promote your products or services and to get links redirecting to your website, which will strengthen the SEO of your e-commerce. Incoming links are the URLs with the appropriate keywords, also known as hyperlinks or anchored texts, that redirect to the pages of your e-commerce website.

Stay connected

Start blogging. Create YouTube channel for your business, as well as a page for your business on a social network like Facebook. Set up a Twitter account and start following people of your demographic target so they can start following you too! Go to LinkedIn as well if you are concerned (B2B).

Marketing and getting a good rank in organic SEO depends on the fact of being part of the Web community you are interested in. Once your website is set up with the basic directives of SEO, search engines will start to find it (if you chose your keywords wisely). But it’s not enough. Your business can’t be just about having a website and depending on search engines to be found. Start being engaged as much as possible on social web with a planning on relatively important time, forcing yourself to contribute to help. The results of your effort will be worth it.

Hire a professional

Mohammed ALAMI’s services as an expert in search and web social marketing may increase the success of your business by optimizing the e-Commerce website that you have to manage. I offer hours of consulting in SEO, SEM and SMM for social media marketing but my main strength is e-commerce SEO.

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