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To carry out all your SEO projects, current and future, your organic SEO team also said natural can use Mohammed ALAMI services for SEO training in Montreal or elsewhere. Your team needs a constant updating of their knowledge and be trained on the latest techniques of natural traffic acquisition via search engines such as Google and Bing.

To achieve this, if you want to use the services of an experienced professional SEO with varied knowledge in technical development, content management and organic optimization of websites for search engines, Mohammed ALAMI has these skills and enjoys extensive experience in SEO especially within large Canadian companies and in his own right.

Furthermore, Mohammed ALAMI has an approval certificate issued by the Quebec government as a Certified SEO trainer in the fields of communication and documentation. This can benefit you if you are eligible for programs funded by the government (see your regional center of employment CLE).

About Mohammed ALAMI

Mohammed ALAMI is a specialist SEO Expert and Freelance Consultant in his own right, an entrepreneur, an engineer, and Master E-Commerce professional. Mohammed was born on 10 November 1965 in Morocco. He moved to France for further studies at the age of 17 and in 2009, he immigrated to Canada to complete his Masters degree in E-Commerce at the University of Montreal. Mohammed enjoys a loving relationship with his family and friends.

Mohammed is an Engineer by training with over 20 years’ experience in production, trade and services but later make the switch from Engineering to Marketing (Master e-commerce). He is a passionate business oriented professional with practical approach to solving the various business challenges.

He started his own company LOGITEL in 1992 for IT solutions where he signed exclusive contracts with firms in France in order to be their representative in Morocco. Mohammed ALAMI is multi-lingual and this has enhanced his overall business experience over the years. He is able to analyze businesses with strategic planning and establishment of specifications together with mastery of analytical solutions with experience using Google Analytics and Xiti.

One of Mohammed strong skill is his excellent communication which he uses in identifying customers’ needs and demands – making him independent and able to work within a team. Mohammed ALAMI has a wealth of experience and achievements in the marketing industry where he participated in the product launch Meditative Places by taking care of the SEO components with research, concrete implementation and production of the play book for sales team. He was also responsible for the repositioning of the CGI site in search engines in order to acquire targeted traffic coupled with the development and optimization of the experimental site “” and Blog “ “, both now revamped here.

Mohammed has also created several presentations at the University of Montreal about SEO and WEB 3.0 which are now published on YouTube and Slideshare. Mohammed is at the moment a Freelance consultant in the SEO/SEM fields. He conducts SEO site audits; technical, organic and offsite together with SEM strategies in order to identify SEM opportunities and produce Roadmap for SEM detailed tactics. His professional expertise has allowed him several managerial positions working as SEO/SEM experts in the Montreal area. Mohammed enjoys reading and general sports in his free time. You may contact him via E-mail or subscribe to his SEO Journal.

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