E-marketing, also known as cybermarketing has been at first the simple application of marketing on the Internet before becoming a full activity.

Today, the Internet has recreated the word “E-marketing” to define elegantly a new concept : the E-marketing which is the result of a set of joint actions to reach new prospects and increase the turnover at lower cost compared to the budget dedicated to standard communication.

Where does E-marketing come from?

Consisting of four activities, e-marketing is very linked to the notion of users and traffic. E-marketing covers a wide reality. In Papillon Digital, some authors classify the activities related to e-marketing in four catégories: strategic e-marketing, creation of traffic, performance analysis and customer loyalty.

Strategic e-marketing covers:

  • Demand analysis
  • Strategic intelligence
  • Website positioning
  • Mixed e-marketing

Creation of traffic includes for its part:

  • SEO
  • Sponsored links
  • Online advertisement
  • Conquest emailing
  • Affiliation
  • Adaptation of the content generating traffic
  • Viral marketing and marketing buzz
  • Usage of classified sites
  • Promotion in discussion forums
  • Promotion in mailing lists
  • Promotion in networking websites
  • Links exchange
  • Partnerships
  • Offering white label services
  • Developing synergies with offline promotion
  • Electronic coupons
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsoring

Performance analysis covers different fields:

  • Visibility analysis
  • Traffic analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Datamining

Client loyalty includes:

  • Animation and renewal of the content of the website
  • Emailing and client loyalty
  • Creation of community

E-marketing is a major development axis of the Internet strategy, as the enterprise must enhance its positioning and its traffic. It becomes strategical to reference your pages and build a strategy around the creation of a website on the network.

Some statistics of e-marketing (2012):

We all know that traditional media are losing subscribers who naturally go online to look for clients. It’s cheaper and measurable, so why risk exorbitant amounts when you can not measure ROI, especially in these times when the economy does not seem to take off in earnest. Here are some data from Rise Interactive Blog :

stats e-marketing 2012 Mozalami

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