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A local search is a search performed online in which a person is looking for a business, product or service near where they live (or in an area they’ll be visiting). Comscore defines local search as geo modifiers or using a local search engine of an Internet yellow pages’ site. To find local information, customers either add a geographical location to their search term, such as “Montreal dentist,” or use a yellow pages-style search engine that provided results based on a specific zip code and the search term or category.

Local search is critically important to regional businesses success. As a result, companies are rushing to find ways to enhance their search engine rankings with major players like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But the major search engines are not the only the place where people look online for local businesses. They also use local search on portals such like Google+ local, Bing Maps and Yahoo! local, Internet yellow page directories (IYPs), local directories, and customer review sites. In addition, consumers search for businesses on computers and laptops, and, increasingly on mobile devices. Moreover, many people now use popular social media apps like Facebook and Foursquare to “check in” to local businesses.

comscore local search portals iypsSource: Comscore State of Local Business Search, July 201

Local SEO Ranking factors

In order to rank and attract traffic from local searches, Mozalami is engaged in managing client local listings and building links/citations. This program is aimed to ensure clients will be showing up in all the ways potential customers might search for them. Their position in the search results may be occupied by their website location page as well as the Google+ local page linked to it.

We consider 5 levels for optimization that can be conducted separately:

  1. On place optimization:the new Google+ local pages can be merged with Google+ pages. However, Mozalami effort concentrates on place page.
  2. On page optimization: This solution is focused on location page hosted under client website. Local SEO applies via keywords, titles, content…etc. with geographic keywords (town, city, location) to support local searches.
  3. Citations Building: To reinforce page prominence, citations are crucial in a competitive sector. The goal is to reach competitors’ citation flow and trust. NAP Consistency is first goal; name/address/phone should be consistent over Canadian citations sources: Google (Mapmaker), Bing, Mapquest, YP, and Yelp.
  4. Link Building: For a weak domain, links built with local intent (anchor texts, content, IP based website…) provide authority to domain/page for rankings.
  5. Reviews: Online reviews boost local search rankings and convert more local leads to customers. 2013 Moz Ranking factors study shows an increasing role.
  6. Social media optimization: Social media sharing: Google plusones, retweets and likes on Facebook are important factors. Social media check-ins: Managing and cleaning up Facebook and Foursquare listings is determinant for accuracy.
  7. Reporting: Reporting is a must have for long term optimization. It includes Keywords ranking, listings management, reviews monitoring, organic traffic updates, Places impressions and clicks.

moz local seo ranking factorsSource: local SEO Ranking factors MOZ 2013

Mozalami local SEO process

In order to maximize implementation process efficiency, Mozalami provides templates for a well-documented input sales doc regarding main 3 aspects of optimization:

KW template: Geo modified keyword with decent search volume (volume exact)

Competitors: 3 direct online competitors along with their performance in rankings

Client assessment: Local rankings, Citations analysis, Reputation report.

Once the implementation starts, Mozalami is engaged in managing both aspects of strategy and tactics. A monthly local SEO dashboard is provided to client depending on KPIs set (key performance indicators):


swetiq dashboard exemple mozalamiImage Credits: SweetIQ

Additionally, thanks to his mastery of semantic search, Mohammed ALAMI use all signals to maximize exposure by leveraging link graph, social graph and knowledge graph.

mozalami référencemet local seo process grapheImage Credits: Mozalami

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