The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) presented by Mozalami is an SEO Freelance consulting service. You can also see it as a resource website to find the acknowledged SEO techniques having conclusive results in the Search Marketing Field (Natural and paid).

Difference between organic SEO and Paid search:

  • Organic Optimization: also called organic SEO, which is the most secure way to generate traffic. It has a major advantage compared to the techniques of traditional marketing: Its price.
  • Paid Search: as its name suggests, it is about paid advertising campaigns via search engines which appear at a specific place after a search using specific keywords.

The objective of using natural SEO and rankings on defined keywords (key expressions), or paid SEM is the same : generating traffic to get as much visits as possible and having the best return on investment possible. The traffic can be monitored with different free or paid tools but it is a real information and not an abstract one because we are talking about the number of visitors per day and what led them here!

Of course, to get good results in SEO in Montreal, as everywhere in the world, you must define your objectives, your catchment area, your targeted clients… But an SEO Consultant (Search Engine Optimiser) in charge of the SEO project is the best person able to give advice and guide because we are always evolving with new techniques and methodologies.

The best thing to do is to make an audit report that will analyse the competition and the position of the website among them, its strengths and its weaknesses in order to get a successful SEO.

SEO introduction

Search Engine Optimization

Normal referencing (SEO – Search Engine Optimization), is the key for your site’s success or a business online site!

SEO for your site is optimizing your web pages to attract a maximum traffic from the internet. SEO is an essential step!

It is obvious that SEO is even more important in scenarios of e-commerce, since it has a direct impact over your business volume. The selling tools mainly depend on traffic, which will benefit both the site and the sales, that are directly affected as a consequence. In that case, you only need to include the importance of image and video referencing, like I have mentioned on my article about this topic.

What is SEO?

Doing SEO for your website consists in optimizing the content and the navigation of your site, conduct a process of optimization where an example can be as follows:

  • Site audit technical and organic
  • Keyword research
  • Content alignment
  • Link building to popularise your website
  • Social optimization (SMO)

SEO: efficient and indispensable!

How do users access information found on the Internet?

Today, more than 18 billion pages are accessible on the web, and that number raises every day.

  • The vast majority of the internet users start their session with a research
  • Searching tools are the main mean of access to sites.
  • The majority of the users spend most of their time looking for information!

SEO benefits:

  • The majority of the users find the sites that they visit through the use of search engines
  • The traffic generated by search engines is highly segmented
  • SEO offers a very interesting price-quality relation while compared with other marketing strategies

Paid search

In 2001 the concept of paid search surged: the “buyer”, would then see his site appear on the top of the results (in or, more subtly, on window to the top of a page (in Google SERPs).

SEO (paid) can become publicity and the client a central shopping space!

Unlike SEO, paid research is included in an ad hoc marketing approach, or is renewable for a short time if satisfied. It creates some benefits by immediately directing traffic, but against its own intention, it ends up not being sustainable and contra productive. Paid research is recommendable for sites that are being launched or for feedback researches to adapt contents.
As you will understand, a SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization) work doesn’t consist in selling paid SEO campaigns, it consists in helping you in your project of referencing on the internet over a long time period. Considering your interests and the relatively high costs of paid Search when compared to normal SEO, I do not incentive you to use paid Search, since its duration is limited.
Instead, I defend a long term work in order to give your site notoriety, using out traffic analyze, which is equally important for the SEO that is working on your site, while considering traffic.
However, I will define some existing possibilities for paid research, while remembering you that there are more examples.

Paid research possibilities:

  • Sponsored links or paid publicity on the search engines (meaning the most famous like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which actually are working based on this model)
  • Professional Directories of Notoriety register with a link to your site
  • Buying hypertext links in web pages and specific directories
  • Buying publicity space in sites and web pages related with your business (Banners, stripes on the top of a web site, sponsors and other clients’ visible parts of a site)
  • Adds of charging services, which offer pages that can be of interest to your target
  • Use of SEOs with macro Netlinking big networks and offering a package to integrate your site in every affiliated sites.
  • Any site prescriber supposed to direct a portion of its visitors to you.

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