A social network is a dynamic social structure with vertices and edges. Summits mean people or organizations and are interconnected through social interactions.

According to Wikipedia, a social network is a set of entities social such as individuals or social organizations connected by links created during social interactions. It is by a structure or a dynamic form of a social grouping.

Social networks can be created strategically to enlarge or make more efficient its own social network (Professional, friendly).

There are Internet applications helping to create one circle of friends, to find business partners, employment or other. It’s social networking services

(Distinct from the concept of social network described above) social networking relates to the means implemented to connect people to each other (can be both informal networking as instutionnalise). See some examples of social network

With the advent of the Internet, this concept also covers Internet-related computer applications that are used to build social networks. They are used to connect friends, associates, or other individuals using set a variety of tools (Enterprise, software, sites, etc.).

These applications, known as the social “networking service” online (in English: social Networking) have multiple objectives and vocations. They can feed on the management of careers (professional coaching), distribution and artistic visibility, promote personal contacts (dating site on the Internet, sites of former students), site of friendly relations.

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History of social networks

Social networking exist since men are incorporated.

Social groups, organized around a unifying theme (religion, social class, studies etc.), form an informal networking type: recommendation to a third parties, meetings, etc.

With the advent of the Internet, social networking has taken a new dimension and its forms have mushroomed. The first social networking Web site was Classmates.com, which started its activities in 1995. Company of Friends, the online network of Fast Company, the magazine business in vogue in the new economy, launched shortly thereafter, in 1997 by introducing business on Internet networking. Other sites followed suit, including Sixdegrees.com, which began in 1997, Epinions who introduced the circle of trust in 1999, followed by the European equivalents Ciao, Dooyoo and ToLuna. It was from 2001 that online social networking web sites have begun to emerge. This form of social networking, commonly used in the bosom of online communities, has become particularly popular in 2002 and has flourished with the advent of the web site called Friendster. There are over 200 social networking sites. The popularity of these sites quickly grew, so much so that in 2006, MySpace obtained higher rates of pages visited as the Google search engine.


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